HM Saw blades

Julia produces a comprehensive range of HM saw blades: Carbide circular saw blades and Cermet saw blades for every customer application. Circular blades in Hard Metal (HM) is obtained through the synthesizing of tungsten carbide dust, titanium and tantalum, mixed with cobalt dust as a binder. The finely mixed materials are heated to 1500°C and pressed, in order to obtain very thin molecules to form a single homogeneous solid.

The main features of HM saw blades are
– to maintain hardness
– wear resistance even at the highest operating temperatures developed in the most difficult applications.

Cermet saw blade is a special product obtained through synthesizing ceramic dust, silicon carbides and metal oxides which are resistant to the highest temperatures, such as: chrome, cobalt, nickel, titanium, aluminium and tungsten.
Cermet is a material with a hardness between silicon carbide and diamond. It is very resistant to high cutting temperatures and is able to withstand extremely high machining rates. Cermet generates an excellent surface finish on the cut material and an extra-long tool life.

Discover the wide range of HM circular saw blades in Carbide and Cermet.