HSS – Dmo5 Cut Off Saw blades

HSS – DMO5 Cut Off Circular saw blade is the standard product used for cutting alloys and common steel < 550 Mpa. All the circular metal blades are made in super high-speed steel with a high tungsten and molybdenum content.

These elements of composition ensure that, after heat treatment, an extremely high hardness and suitable tenacity is achieved. The right tungsten percentage is essential to create the correct quantity of very hard wear-resistant carbides in order to improve the tool life under high temperatures.

The tungsten increases the mechanical endurance of the tool, improving the cutting performance and preventing the austenitic grain enlargement. The tungsten is also essential to guarantee the formation of a fine martensitic structure, and increases the tool tenacity, maintaining a high mechanical resistance.

Vanadium is the element that forms the hardest, wear-resistant carbides amongst all other alloys.

We have made specific treatments for DMO5 Cut Off Circular saw blade for different applications and consumer needs. Contact us for more information.

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