HSS Saw blades

Julia is the biggest worldwide producer of circular saw blades for cutting metals with diameters from 160 mm to 700 mm. We only use super high-speed steel manufactured by steel plants that are ISO 9001 approved. This guarantees the constant quality of the products supplied, which always come with a casting certificate and a detailed chemical analysis.

We have all standard items ready from stock, and we can also manufacture special tools to meet specific customer requirements.

HSS – Dmo5 Cut Off Saw blades

HSS – DMo5 Cut Off Saw blades

This is the standard product used for cutting alloys and common steel < 550 Mpa. All the blades are made in super high-speed steel with a high tungsten and molybdenum content.

These elements of composition ensure that, after heat treatment, an extremely high hardness and suitable tenacity is achieved. The right tungsten percentage is essential to create the correct quantity of very hard wear-resistant carbides in order to improve the tool life under high temperatures.

The tungsten increases the mechanical endurance of the tool, improving the cutting performance and preventing the austenitic grain enlargement. The tungsten is also essential to guarantee the formation of a fine martensitic structure, and increases the tool tenacity, maintaining a high mechanical resistance.

Vanadium is the element that forms the hardest, wear-resistant carbides amongst all other alloys.

HSS – Co5 Cut Off Saw blades

HSS – Co5 Cut Off Saw blades

This is our standard product used for cutting stainless steel and medium hard steel 550 – 700 MPa. It is a super high-speed steel that contains all the alloy elements already present in the Dmo5, plus 5{e91f6ab0c2094129bf2ebf563cdfc669f8030546d54c64f7205b7aaaf78ff610} cobalt.

The cobalt does not form carbides, but ensures stability, preventing critical grain enlargement, and above all maintains extreme hardness during working temperatures. This peculiarity is very important when cutting very adherent materials such as stainless steel and very hard metals with high cutting temperatures.

The production range is the same as the Hss-Dmo5 products.



This is a new product developed by our R&S department together with the mechanical division of the Trento’s university. Our goal was to find a special saw blade to improve the cutting speed when working with steel pipes and solid bars with hardness 650 – 850 MPa, when using high performance cut off machines.

This product is recommended to cut carbon steel and stainless steel. The most important characteristics of the EVOLUTION circular saw blades are:

  • Special HSS steel with high wear resistance and extra fine grain
  • Multilayer PVD coating with a surface hardness higher than 3400 HV.
  • Special production process with very tight manufacturing tolerances
  • Side run out and flatness are very low

EVOLUTION is manufactured with the best coating ever developed by Julia’s R&S department. This is a coating with a special composition, achieved by following a precise and specific recipe of noble elements, which achieves the highest surface hardness amongst traditional coatings, and offers great heatsinking capacity.